Luka Modric fate with Real Madrid


Luka Modric's fate with Real Madrid is not yet clear, with his contract expiring on June 30, 2024.

What we know:

Modric wants to stay at Real Madrid: Modric has repeatedly stated his desire to stay at Real Madrid, stating that the club is “like his home”.

There is a trend within Real Madrid to extend his contract: Press reports stated that there is a trend within Real Madrid to extend Modric’s contract for an additional season, given his wonderful performance and great contribution to the team.

Modric has not yet made his final decision: Modric has not yet announced his final decision regarding his future.

Factors that may influence his decision:

Real Madrid's offer: Modric's decision will partly depend on the offer Real Madrid makes him.

Offers from other clubs: Modric may receive offers from other clubs, and these offers may influence his decision.

His desire to play: Modric's age (38 years old) may play a role in his decision, as he may decide to retire or move to a less competitive league.

In general, it is too early to determine whether Modric will continue with Real Madrid or not.